What Bide likes most about words is the moments spent with them. Brevity of moments. A snatched story or a glimpsed character or just a minute on the back of a truck with the dry air coming down from the desert. New writers and established writers and writers with moustaches and writers with green shoes.

Do you know what I mean?

So, Bide is for flash. Not just fiction, and actually, not just writing. But momentary storytelling. Stuff that fits on a page, or inside a minute. Glances.

Bide will be published twice a year as a printed, stapled A5 zine, with a hand-written thanks from your friendly local editor, Anna Spargo-Ryan. It will also be available online as a PDF download, and as a .mobi and .epub, for your digital bookery.

Submissions are currently closed, but will reopen on April 1st 2015.