Once, there was a magazine called Bide. It didn’t know what it wanted to be, so it tried being everything. Diverse and interesting stories from all over the place. New writers and established writers and writers with moustaches and writers with green shoes.

After a while, Bide took a very long look at itself.

Bide realised that what it likes most about words is the moments spent with them. Brevity of moments. A snatched story or a glimpsed character or just a minute on the back of a truck with the dry air coming down from the desert.

Do you know what I mean?

So, Bide is for flash. Not just fiction, and actually, not just writing. But momentary storytelling. Stuff that fits on a page, or inside a minute. Glances.

Bide will be published twice a year as a printed, stapled A5 zine, with a hand-written thanks from your friendly local editor, Anna Spargo-Ryan. It will also be available online as a PDF download, and as a .mobi and .epub, for your digital bookery.

Current submissions for Semester 1, 2015 will close on December 31 2014.